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How to Laminate Paper? Step by Step Guide

Not all kinds of papers are important, but there are some very special ones that we need to keep safe. Important documents, old photographs, maps, memorabilia and sentimental letters, marriage licenses, birth and death certificates – these are the kind of papers that need to be kept safe from dirt, water, liquid, time and dust. […]

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How To Clean Cricut Mat: Easy DIY Guide!

If you work with a cutting machine, you’ll know just how important it is to have a good cutting mat. Most cutting machines come with their own cutting mats, and they are usually extremely durable. You can also buy extra cutting mats from your local office supplies or crafting shops, but the ones that come […]

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How To Remove Screen Printing From T-shirts?

Screen printing can be just the perfect hobby or a great start-up business for someone creative and determined. Individuals, groups and businesses all need special T-shirts printed all the time, to celebrate a specific day, a milestone or the fulfillment of a goal. If your designs are creative and your work is flawless, this is […]

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