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Shot in Paris

Richard Castle on Feb 26, 2013 09:33AM

I’ll admit that, when I need a break from writing, I enjoy perusing some of the Nikki Heat fan sites. So imagine my surprise when someone posted a picture of me in Paris. It’s an honor to be identified by a Parisian who’s read my books, especially when I’ve never had the opportunity to do publicity there. I figured it’s time to come clean: yours truly interviewed to ghost write the memoire of a certain famous French politician. I can’t tell you his name, but let’s just say that his wife is stunning.

It was a clandestine meeting, arranged by my agent and taking place without much fanfare. In fact, I was encouraged to list “pleasure” as my reason for being in the country. After a ride to my charming, quaint hotel, I went to sleep to combat the jetlag. The following morning, I was instructed to order a double Americano at a nearby café. As soon as the waiter left, two gentlemen who I can only describe as well-dressed gorillas entered the café. In broken English, they instructed me to walk with them to a limo parked around the corner. If I hadn’t already written something like this in Derek Storm I would have been scared, but the cloak-and-dagger of it all was kind of thrilling. The limo drove us to a hotel in the center of Paris. I was escorted into a private elevator, the bodyguards hit the button for the top floor, and I was taken to the penthouse...

There, I meet He Who Will Not Be Named. He invites me onto the patio overlooking the city; our conversation is punctuated by the sound of car horns below. We ordered strong coffee from room service and talked about his life. Turns out he’s no stranger to the Nikki Heat books and would appreciate a little dramatic flair added to his life of politics. After our meeting, I was returned to the café near the hotel. It just so happens that the budding paparazzo/a who took my photo managed to find me alone with no politician in site. Exactly what he intended. Mission accomplished. The rest of the trip was somewhat uneventful. I did some of the usual tourist stuff like The Louvre, the Luxembourgh Gardens. But the pièce de résistance? I skyped with a special someone while at a café, drinking red wine and eating Mister Crunchys (or, as the French call them, croque monsieurs).

I found out yesterday that the Man of Mystery decided to go with someone else for a ghost writer. However, the trip, the time away from home and from crime-fighting, made me realize how much I appreciate New York. I don’t think I would have been suited for a job so international, so isolated from the people you love.

But I’d like to think I’d have made a great Derek Storm if I had to.

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