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  • Storm Fall

    Synopsis: Storm is finally feeling like he has his life back: a few open and shut PI cases that lack any danger or intrigue and no recent calls from CIA Agent Clara Strike. But when her lack of contact begins to concern him, Storm begins to search for the woman who he has begun to care for as more than just a colleague. But what Storm unravels quickly turns his world upside down. Is Clara the CIA agent she claimed to be or a rogue spy operating outside of the law? Just when he begins to scratch the surface of the truth, his bank account is drained and a murder of a rival PI is pinned on him. Storm must take on his most challenging client yet: himself. Is this the work of Clara or one of his many enemies? Storm has to comb through his entire career as a PI and as a secret CIA operative: every criminal he put away, every crime he solved, every life he affected, in order to find out who would do this to him. Will he find the culprit pulling the puppet strings or will this be the end of Derrick Storm?

  • Gathering Storm

    Synopsis: While packing his bags for a much-needed vacation, Storm gets a call from CIA Agent Clara Strike with an urgent mission. Storm must help protect the Swiss Ambassador’s daughter against a formidable foe: a former KGB officer who is known for killing his victims with undetectable poison. When the mission is compromised, Clara fears that there is a mole in the CIA. In a bold move, Clara decides to put Storm undercover at Langley in order to smoke out the guilty party. Unexpectedly, Storm does more than just that; he uncovers a conspiracy that goes to the top levels of the agency and threatens Clara’s livelihood.

  • Storm's Last Stand

    Synopsis: An ex-con out for vengeance, an old lover looking for closure, and a hardened cop hoping to find peace of mind all come crashing into Storm’s life when a man they all know jumps off the Brooklyn Bridge. Or was he pushed? Now these former foes must work together to solve a crime that brings up their complicated past history and some memories better left forgotten. Storm must protect his reputation, heart, and possibly his life while unlocking the mystery behind his friend’s death. In the midst of this, CIA Agent Clara Strike calls on Storm to help with what she deems, an “easy” task. But when this mission leads to Clara’s abduction by MI5 agents, Storm must balance his two identities and cases while trying to save Clara’s life.

  • Storm's Break

    Synopsis: A brutal cold snap has practically brought Manhattan to its knees, driving the island’s denizens indoors. The city’s homeless are driven down, into the bowels of ancient train tunnels and the concrete roots of skyscrapers. It’s a world of predators and prey, and when runaway teenage girls start disappearing into this underworld, Derrick Storm isn’t afraid to find out why. It doesn’t take long before Storm trips to an international human trafficking ring headed by notorious Panama kingpin Marco Juarez. Teaming up with reliable and gutsy CIA agent Clara Strike, these two race to stop one of the world’s most vile criminals before he destroys more innocent lives.

  • Storm Warning

    Synopsis: When Derrick Storm’s close friend, Attorney Sam Strummel, is murdered in cold blood in a cemetery outside of NYC, Storm launches his own investigation to bring the murderer to justice. While investigating Strummel’s business dealings, Storm exposes a murder-for-hire syndicate that has just made him their next target.

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